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Treatment testimonials

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CandlesHere are a selection of comments from some of Jen's clients. Thanks to all who have contributed their recommendations and referred friends and family.

"I suffer from severe sciatica and occasional migraines, but regular reflexology treatments relieve the pain hugely, more than any medication or other therapies I have tried."- Anon, Eaglesham

"I have been to Jen for both Reflexology and Indian Head Massage, and both are terrific for insomnia and migraines. Thanks Jen!"- Mike, Thorntonhall

"So relaxing! I have the best sleep after a treatment with Jen."- Mandy, Stamperland

"I had reflexology to try to help me conceive. It really helped me to relax, and support me through a difficult time and through my IVF which was successful. So now I am enjoying reflexology throughout my pregnancy!" - Anon, Glasgow

"This was my first reflexology experience and I couldn't believe the intense emotional release I had. After the tears I felt much lighter and happier. I have regular reflexology treatments with Jen now because they really relax me and I have much more energy now!"- Anon, Scotland

"I wish I could have it every day" - Mark, Glasgow

"Reflexology relieves my shoulder and neck pain, and also helps my bunions. This makes me sleep better too. This has been my first experience of reflexology, and I am now totally converted! I continue with monthly top ups."- Anon, Glasgow

"I am a big fan of complimentary therapies, and I would highly recommend Jen. She’s very professional and friendly, and knows her stuff.- Jackie, Cathcart

"I have been going to Jen at head to feet for years now. I found Jen in a magazine in my Sports Centre. I found Jen very welcoming and made me feel relaxed as I wasn't keen on anyone touching my feet. Jen always knows when something in my body is giving me bother and works on my feet to ease the pain and discomfort".xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - Liz, Glasgow

"Amazing" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- Malcolm, Glasgow



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