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Reflexology for everyone

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FeetWho and What is Reflexology good for?

Reflexology is suitable for all ages. As well as relaxing the mind and body, reflexology may be effective for the following conditions:

• Back and shoulder pain• Muscular & Joint Pain
• Fertility issues• Skin Disorders
• Ear Disorders• Sleep Disorders
• Stress & Anxiety• Digestive disorders
• Mental Health Issues• Blood Sugar Disorders
• Poor circulation• Hormonal Imbalances
• Thyroid disorders• Fatigue and low energy

Can Reflexology make a condition worse?

No, it will not make any condition more acute. Reflexology aims to normalise your body's functions. A Reflexology treatment aims to relieve the stress that can affect your health. It is a safe and natural way to better health.

Can Reflexology diagnose a specific medical condition?

No, its purpose is not to treat or diagnose for any specific medical disorder, but to promote better health and well-being in the same way as an exercise or diet regime.

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