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Reflexology for Fertility Issues

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Regular reflexology treatments, coupled with lifestyle changes by both partners, may be really effective at helping couples conceive. For many women the stress and anxiety attached to failing to conceive can be overwhelming and reflexology treatments may be just what is needed to help to reduce the stress attached to this, feel more relaxed and increase positivity. Reflexology also aims to balance hormone levels, enhance the body’s own natural healing abilities, and enable all body systems to function efficiently.

Many women come for Reflexology who are suffering from:

• Unexplained infertility• Hormone imbalances
• Cervical problems• Recurrent miscarriage
• Anovulation• Menstrual cycle problems

Reflexology cannot guarantee a pregnancy, but it is an excellent therapy which could encourage the body to work more efficiently and create a healthier environment for possible pregnancy to occur.

An increasing number of people believe reflexology has helped them to conceive, as we see from the following articles. They outline some success stories and further information.

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