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Reflexology for Pregnancy

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Regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy aims to put you in the best possible condition for carrying and nurturing your baby, and for childbirth and beyond. Pregnancy reflexology may be very calming for both mother and baby. It may help your body maintain a balance during the rapid changes of pregnancy and it is completely safe.

I work closely with your current needs and offer reflexology treatments to cater for what you and your baby require, whether that be a gentle pampering or a deep treatment to reduce the symptoms of many common pregnancy complaints, including:

• Backache• Headaches
• Constipation• Mood swings
• Anxiety and stress• Sciatica
• Fluid retention• Swollen feet and ankles
• Morning sickness• Heartburn
• Insomnia and fatigue• Pelvic Complaints

It may also help to:

• Promote lactation

• Encourage childbirth if you run over your due date

• Increase energy levels and vitality

Another great benefit may well be that babies born to mothers who have had reflexology throughout their pregnancy are usually calmer babies!

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